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Irrationality behind chemical weapons – The Economist

With all the news about Syrian President Bashar Al-assad’s use of chemical weapons and US President Obama’s decision that a “red line” had finally been crossed, The Economist explains why international taboo and uproar over chemical weapons use is, while obviously not justified, is somewhat irrational in comparison to other ways of mass killing. Even Adolf … Continue reading

Aviation: Crowded skies, frustrated passengers – The Economist

Aviation: Crowded skies, frustrated passengers (The Economist) is an interesting article. Here’s an example of China’s three pillared political structure (military, party, and state) creating a situation where a relatively minor issue becomes entrenched as almost impossible to improve. On one hand, there is an abundance of caution when it comes to Chinese flight traffic. On … Continue reading

Outrage Over an Antigay Law Does Not Spread to Olympic Officials – NYTimes

Outrage Over an Antigay Law Does Not Spread to Olympic Officials – So this is messed up. Everyone knows that the Olympics is against discrimination against any form; it’s part of the philosophy of bringing people together no matter what race, nationality, etc. Russia, where the Winter Olympics are being held, has an anti-gay … Continue reading

Who shapes China’s North Korea policy? – International Crisis Group

Who shapes China’s North Korea policy? (International Crisis Group), a 2011 interview with Hahm Chaibong, director of the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, scares me a little. The combination of China’s seemingly ad hoc and ambiguous decision-making process for North Korean policy and North Korea’s volatility does not bode well for lasting peace on the Korean … Continue reading

“Hispanic” – The Economist

Lexington: The power of a party (The Economist) makes an interesting note on government bureaucracy inadvertently created a cultural identity that is now reductive, outdated and unifying all at once: Strictly speaking, the Hispanic identity is a bureaucratic creation: the term appeared four decades ago as a box to tick on federal government forms. To this day … Continue reading