Outrage Over an Antigay Law Does Not Spread to Olympic Officials – NYTimes

Outrage Over an Antigay Law Does Not Spread to Olympic Officials – NYTimes.com.

So this is messed up. Everyone knows that the Olympics is against discrimination against any form; it’s part of the philosophy of bringing people together no matter what race, nationality, etc.

Russia, where the Winter Olympics are being held, has an anti-gay law that has outlawed public support for gay rights. The International Olympic Committee has a strict ban on athletes being publicly political during the Games. Due to Russia’s law – which the IOC saw coming even before the Olympics began – any athlete who speaks out for non-discrimination against gays is being political vis-a-vis Russia’s law, and is risking being kicked out of the Games.

It’s even more awkward as the IOC asks athletes to respect the laws of the host country. Even sponsors like McDonalds – public supporters gay rights in the US and elsewhere – have been shut up because of the law.

Therefore, its not Russia that gay and gay-friendly athletes should be worrying about – it’s the Olympic officials, who have indicated that they are willing to make good on the no-politics rule, that will be throwing athletes out of the Games due to, ironically, public support against gay discrimination.

It’s really hard to see why the IOC put themselves in this position by not publicly opposing the law both before and after it was passed.


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