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Japan’s Silver Democracy – Foreign Affairs

Japan’s Silver Democracy by Foreign Affairs highlights how democracy can often forge paths that are at odds with economic policies that are objectively healthier for a country – democracy and the economy are not necessarily complimentary. This is also an example of democracy, while reflecting the needs and wants of its citizens, simultaneously stifling public discourse. … Continue reading

The war of the words – The Economist

George Orwell, one of the godfathers of linguistic determinism, argued that political language distorts the truth. He also famously said that simple language is better at conveying meaning, accurately and directly, when compared to longer, complex words.The Economist (The war of the words) however notes that when it comes to the language of politics, catchphrases can … Continue reading

The Gay Patriarchy?

I was wondering that if two men get married and have a family, would their family constitute a patriarchy? Conversely, would a lesbian couple with a family be a matriarchy? I asked two people at once and got two different answers. Ultimately, I think it depends on your definition of “patriarchy”. Continue reading

The democratic coup d’état: a fallacy

In light of the recent killings of over 50 Muslim Brotherhood supporters (NYT) by the Egyptian military in Cairo after having deposed their first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi, Ozan O. Varol’s theory in the Harvard International Law Journal (PDF file) published last summer on “democratic coups d’état” understandably draws scepticism, or at least cautious … Continue reading